Non-Traditional IS Careers

With Hollywood stereotypes affecting everyone, many non-traditional careers of information systems and technology have been kept under the rug, so to speak. That “Tech Guy” at the end of the hall has bigger role in the company than you may realize. Information systems helps form internal and external networks comprised of servers, customers, vendors, and other financial and capital interactions.

Because of these new and dynamic innovations in intersecting industries, new technologies come to fruition with impacts on the realms of political and socioeconomic issues in America. According this this article, commercial and recreational aerial drones have led to problems in air traffic control and unwanted surveillance. The Economist assures that despite these concerns, businesses both big and small could seek to benefit.


The following are great examples of Non-Traditional IS & IT Careers:

  • Vendor Managers($150,000-$300,000)

There are many services and products that go into making an industry. Vendor Managers oversee relationships between different vertical and horizontal marketing channels, in addition to the websites and applications they build to maintain these relationships.

  • Head of IT Finance($100,000-$150,000)

Even the IT department has a role in the financial sector of a company or market. IT Finance analyzes, forecasts, and reports the company’s operational budget for the IT department. This could entail anything from the budget for the office WiFi to the applications of software that makes up the inner channels of a company.

  • Enterprise Architect ($112,000)

An Enterprise Architect defines an IT Department’s missions, goals, and strategies in overcoming both market and application channels as well as new and challenging technological issues.

  • Robotics Engineer ($100,000)

For those seeking an interest in creating the Sci-Fi Universe into a reality of tomorrow, Robotics Engineers analyze and design the newest and most state of the art robotics equipment and technology. Their dreams and imaginations breathe life into the world of drones, smartphone technology, advanced cybernetics, and in small cases, Artificial Intelligence.

  • Graphic Designer ($57,000)

Ranking as one of the most creative technological career paths of them all, Graphic Designers remain the most interesting Non-Traditional IS careers as it often seeks to blend the Fine Arts and running multiple marketing or media campaigns with digital design technologies.

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