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There were a lot of impressive developments in the world of technology in 2016. From Tesla’s self-driving technology to new algorithm in information systems and technology. Sharon Guadin, Senior Writer at, released her List of Top 10 Emerging Technologies.

The most impressive of her list, that is the one with the most economic and political impact, would either be Next-Generation Batteries or Systems Metabolic Engineering. The two will be crucial for the paradigm shift from fossil fuels to renewable or “greener” sources of technology.

Tesla has even had a try in the field of battery technology. Biotechnology also remains crucial for fighting the next evolutions of diseases and viruses as well as more applicable sources of bio-fuels.

With these two displacements, you could expect more rapid development in 3rd and 4th world nations and groups of people. Entire villages and cities could be powered by small efficient batteries or algae-fuel.


4 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Interesting article – I agree that the next gen batteries could be very effective in 3rd and 4th world development. Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

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  2. I read the innovation listed as number 10. It intrigues me that we as a society can create renewable and cheaper energy…but is it at a beneficial cost? What’s the consequence of creating these renewable energies?

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